Sharing music in itself is very vulnerable, but we want to take it even deeper and share where these songs came from. It will give you a little background into the season we were going through and what the Lord was saying to us at the time. We believe that there is great power in the words of a testimony so we want to share ours with you!  



Sometimes when you are in a season of transition, it's easy to find yourself second guessing the steps you've taken or feeling like you've entered into a desert. During a time of worship in a season just like that, we heard the Lord pulling us close and reminding that He has a plan and a purpose in each step and although we can't see it in full yet, He is revealing it to us little by little. He kept whispering "just stay with me awhile and let our dreams become one." We were wrecked with this constant invitation from the Lord and were quickly filled with confidence of who He is over what we were feeling. This is a little piece of the story behind "STAY". 



While I was stuck in traffic on a day I had a million things to do for our wedding the Lord put this song on my lips.

It's in your heart to know me. 
It's in your heart to love me. 
It's in your heart to see me, and call me as your own.

It was a reminder from him to me that I was born for relationship. I was born for interaction. I was born for fellowship and intimacy with the Creator. It's what's on his heart and what's on mine. That's what it's always been about from the very beginning of time. I was reminded that the very essence of who I am is seen and known and loved by Him. GOOD NEWS! I was reminded of my purpose, which is always about what's on the inside and never about what I've done or what I have to do. My purpose that day, before the mile long to do list, was to love and be loved by Father God! How sweet it is to be seen, known and loved by Him who holds the universe. My prayer is that these words would awaken your spirit like they did mine that YOU too are on the Lord's heart. It's never been about what you do or don't do but simply who you are! He burns for you. He longs to fellowship with you. He wants to walk through it all with you. Be reminded today, you are seen, known and loved! You are His.